The mobile sauna – where did it all begin?

Season store manufactures mobile saunas and spa centres that are easily movable and do not require building permits or special traffic licences. Where did it all begin? Read the story behind our sauna caravans or contact us for more information!


The story of Season Store and its mobile saunas began from many needs. Our mission was to manufacture caravans that would satisfy the following needs:

  • A steamy and soft löyly
  • Road legal
  • No need for inspection
  • Does not require a building permit
  • Modern and durable
  • Made in Finland, of course!
  • And on top of it all, good-looking!

Our mobile sauna caravans do not require inspection

Season Store designed and manufactured its mobile saunas, which do not require inspection – and clearly well too, because the products are very much in demand. Our most popular model is the uninsulated mobile sauna caravan which has excellent löyly – the characteristic sauna steam – no matter what the weather. Join the legions of happy sauna users and order your own sauna today!

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