Spa centre

The spa centre is truly a bathers’ paradise. You can enjoy this oasis all day and late into the night.

The spa centre includes a fantastic design tub that fits 6-8 people, a roomy sauna with a shower, a refrigerator in the fireplace room (the tub’s furnace can be used as a fireplace) where you can grill sausages while having a sauna or bathing! The tub’s cover is operated electrically! A serving tray can be lowered to the middle of the spa to the delight of the bathers.

Technical specifications

  • Weight: less than 2000 kg
  • Size: 6000 mm x 2200 mm
  • Refrigerator
  • Design tub
  • Harvia stove package
  • Many LED lights, operates on 12V
  • Delivered to your yard free of charge (in Finland)

Price € 26,900

Interested? Contact us and ask for more details!

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