Mobile sauna caravan Mini Luxus Panorama

The conveniently-sized Mini Luxus mobile sauna caravan includes a wall made of PVC plastic through which you can enjoy the sunset, for example, all while enjoying your sauna. Also, read about the regular Mini Luxus model!

Technical specifications

  • New, galvanised base 1.5 x 3.25 m
  • Light; total weight is about 650 kg
  • Made of birch plywood/OSB board
  • Harvia stove equipped with a water reservoir and protective wall
  • Heat-treated aspen benches
  • Adjustable legs on the corners
  • Terrace seating
  • Ready for use
  • Warm, even in the winter
  • Panoramic wall
  • Delivered to your yard for a special price, ask us more!
  • LED lights with battery +€350!

Price €7,400 (unfinished wood)

Price €8,300 (stained to the colour of your choice)

Contact us and order your own!

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