Campfire caravan

The campfire caravan is the Season Store’s vision of a modern barbeque hut.

The campfire caravan differs from a normal hut as follows:

  • It’s not dark
  • It’s not damp
  • It’s good looking
  • The smoke goes out of the chimney

You can admire your chosen landscape through a warm glass wall, and fry salmon on open fire at the same time. There is a space to store the firewood right under the padded seats. It fits all together 10 people. Both ends have 90 cm wide glass doors.

The campfire caravan will be delivered to your yard ready for use!

Technical specifications:

  • Does not need to be inspected
  • Does not require a building permit
  • Size 2000 x 4300 mm
  • Weighs only 1100 kg
  • Equipped hut kitchen
  • Adjustable legs on the corners
  • Battery + LED lights indoors
  • LED spots outside
  • Plinth splinting available for the lower part
  • Will be brought to your yard 100% ready for use, ask for the cargo offer!

Price 7990 € without the base at the factory.

10900 € with an inspected base and brakes.

Contact us and ask us more about the campfire caravan!

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