A cabin caravan with a sauna

A cabin caravan with a sauna is a solution for a cost-effective ready-made cabin for your yard or lakeside. The sauna cabin, which is unaffected by bureaucracy, is suitable for both summer and winter use.

  • the permission of your wife is enough…you don’t need others!
  • a spacious sauna where the bench is also suitable for sleeping on
  • kitchen fittings, with a fridge, basin, tap and cooker
  • a view over the lake from the breakfast table
  • a view over the lake from the sauna
  • a view over the lake from the living area
  • the effective fireplace warms you
  • a large corner sofa for six people, which can be handily turned into a twin bed
  • many LED lights behind the ceiling batten
  • registered for road traffic
  • does not require an inspection
  • can be towed at 80 km/h
  • weight 2,300 kg
  •  a real space marvel which can be adapted to meet your needs; for example, a WC is possible.

Price €29,900

Brought to your yard 100% ready and installed in place. We’ll light the fire in the fireplace and sauna stove so you can sit down to admire the workmanship and the scenery of your choice.

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